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2D City Map

3D Planisphere

Geolocation data-set Templates

airport and airline data with IATA, ICAO, latitude, longitude, elevation, timezone, DST information. Source openflights.org

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Standard Offer starting at 4000€

Show your data with beautiful videos ! 

You only have to choose one of our templates to show easily complex datas.


Advantages :

  • a selection of efficient & proven templates

  • cost effective

  • quick to set up (less than 1 week)

Process :

  • Choose one of our templates (planisphere, map, curves, ...)

  • Send us your datas and customization needs (DB, CSV, LIDAR, ...)

  • Receipt the perfect vidéo to show your datas  

    •       4K

    •       360 Video



Created in 2005, Persistant Studios is a software company dedicated to visuals effects. Our main product PopcornFX is the leading solution to create and manage realtime particule effects. This technology allow us to manipulate in real time a huge amount of items: it’s a gamebreaker in data visualisation area.


And because we are convinced that technology is only a brick to success, our team is also composed of 10 technical artists. Theses girls & guys have for mission to find bests ways to bring datas to life throught graphical patterns.

You have unexploited datasets,

But you don't know what to do with them ? Call us!


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Show your data’s on a comprehensive way

Premium Offer

We connect users to data through useful and relevant interactive interfaces.

We can create specific and customizable template to show easily complex datas.


Advantages :

  • Filtering live (characterize your visualisation)

  • Use continuous data streams

    • Network : (RSS, twitter, ...)

    • IoT : (fitbit, AppleWatch, etc...)

    • Sensors : (audio, kinect, thermal , LIDAR, ...)